CPAnywhere is the latest enterprise software system produced and published by P & L Associates.

CPAnywhere stands for Cloud Practice Anywhere.  It is a complete practice management system for CPAs, lawyers and other professionals.  It has many functions.  Almost all functions are the product of customer demands and natural progression from necessity.  Although this process takes a very long period of time and many trial and error, we believe that this is the best way to build a practical and reliable system.

Objective:  to provide the most up-to-date information to decision makers on clients, employees and the firm as a whole, accessible anytime, anywhere.

How can it be done:  we provide a “pipeline”.  All information from different modules will flow through the pipeline and be distributed to various places.  Therefore, there is no restriction on the number of modules.  The most important thing is to find the common denominator so that information can be shared among different modules.

Is it an open system:  We encourage other users to integrate their own critical system into the CPAnywhere.  In fact, we have just integrated the CSA system, a completely closed system, into CPAnywhere.  We will use this as an example for others to follow.

What is its development history:  CPAnywhere begins with a DOS time sheet and expense report program for a US tax authority back in the early 1990′s.  Then it evolves into time sheet system for CPA firms running on Windows platform.  Later on, we had integrated our Fund Management System for hedgefunds into CPAnywhere’s accounting and finance module.  The HR module is a full featured system developed within the CPAnywhere framework.  The mobile version has always been a by product of the full internet version.  However, with the rapid rise of mobile users, CPAnywhere is now fully accessible on any mobile platform of users choice.

Internal Networking:  CPAnywhere has the internal “Talk” function.  Any user can just use his or her mobile phone to “talk” to anyone users within the firm-wide system.  If the conversation is about a client or a job, we will record that for reference.

External Networking:   We will publish the external networking platform so that a firm using the CPAnywhere can connect with its clients using this external network.  All “talks” with a client will be recorded under the Client Service Record for future reference and follow up.

How safe is it:  Basically, we are renting out the software system to you.  You can install it anywhere you want.  Most of our users who choose this option will install the software at their workplace’s internet servers.  Most of them would choose our own third-party internet server for convenience and cost considerations.  The level of security really depends on each individual user’s needs.