We are a software developer since 1990 when we first published our CSA system.  Starting in the year 1999, we began publishing online accounting system, time sheet system, hedgefund management system, which later we incorporated all these systems into one, the MBAnywhere system.  In 2010, we have upgraded the online system into a more user friendly system and we named it CPAnywhere.  It stands for Cloud Practice Anywhere.

Here, we like to give a little history how does CPAnywhere comes in the being.

Back in the early 1990’s, we had developed a time sheet and expense claim system for a California tax agency in DOS system.  This later serves as a backbone to the present system.

We then add in a complicated job code management system that tailors to the audit program procedures.

Then we add the invoicing to the system.

In order to closely interact with the staff performance we add a comprehensive human resources system.  The system keeps track of each employee’s personnel file, salaries, leaves policy, roster and other related issues.  Further to it, we add the time clock, attendance and leaves approval systems.  This HRMS alone is a powerful tool for human resources management because of its automation and ease of use for HR professional and employees alike.  In fact, we have taken just this portion out to form another service for all kinds of companies that need a easy to use system.

Some law firm users have requested the installation of a trust monies system.

Other CPA firms have requested the handling of vast amount of correspondence with the IRD to keep track of the extension and deadlines.

We have added French to the system.

To borrow from our experience in a hedgefund system that we had developed for the US market, we have instituted that into CPAnywhere as a general ledger system.  All monetary transactions will go through a predefined journal entry template to record the transactions into the appropriate journal.

Then we developed a Disbursement Receivable system, Advance and Deposit system, Settlement, Credit Memo to reflect the actual needs of the users.

To save time from inputting of client’s information we have added a CSA Data Import function.  Data such as client ID, name, address, contact, officers, important dates can be exported to CPAnywhere daily so that the two systems share the same important information.

As you can see the system is a open system.  It grows through many user experiences.  Any user can make suggestion to the improvement of the system.  We usually publish their concerns and suggestions to the other users before making the changes.

The main users are mainly the CPA firms, law firms and other professional firms that need to take into the account of the time cost, recoverable disbursement, client advance or deposit and discounts. 

  1.  Time sheet by date
  2.  Job assignment
  3.  Leave application
  4.  Invoice maintenance
  5.  Correspondence

CPAnywhere has a versatile human resources management system connected with the job and time sheet systems.  However, you can still just use the HR functions.  The HR system includes Time clock, Attendance, Leave application and approval, Roster, Payroll, MPF, and Personnel file.  It can be a standalone system in its own right, tight in to the mobile system.

Our accounting system is an automated system for journal entries.  That means once an invoice is printed, a check has received, a credit memo issued, or a disbursement expense is recorded, the accounting report will show in real time.  It is our believe that we should not stay in the old days when we have to process and approve the journal entries before posting.

Our users are mostly CPAs, the experts in accounting.  When they are using our system for their accounting needs, you can rest assured that the system has gone through tons of examinations before final application.