Job to Invoicing

The unique nature of the service industry is to quickly bill the client before, during or at the time of completion of the service.  This may be a time based consultation or a tax preparation.  It is difficult to ask the client to pay any extras afterward.  So, any billing should include all the time charged or job completed, disbursement receivable, miscellaneous charges and then deduct any advances or credit memo.  This needs to be done in a few second, print it out or in a PDF or Word file.

To make it better, print out the full invoice at your client’s office and receive the check payment before coming back to the office.  This is the true benefit of having a cloud based system.


Work Flow:

  1. Creating a job with proper job code
  2. Assigning the job including the work procedures
  3. Setting up the time table for billing
  4. Time charged to the job
  5. Recording any disbursements
  6. Periodic billing that picks up the bill for review
  7. Approval for sending out the bill