Use of mobile phone with internet connection to increase your job efficiency

A dedicated workspace for each job assignment

  1. Full contact information with google map location, email, SMS and phone access
  2. Create or view appointment with client for that particular job
  3. Charge time spent on that job right on the spot
  4. View all the time charged on that job by other teammates
  5. Charge expenses incurred on that job
  6. Write down comment on time spent as part of the job record
  7. imTalk function:  all assigned employees will form as a Talk Group and to communicate among themselves through the “whatsapp” lookalike feature
  8. Import sound, picture, camera, video, document to this job workspace instantly
  9. View the history of all customer service records, time spent and event for this job
  10. Constantly updating the total hours spent and budgeted amount
  11. Entering the customer service record by clicking the CSR icon on the job right after the conversation

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