Booking Different Types of Revenues

Thanks to Lawrence Cheung CPA’s observation about the automatic revenue booking under the JE Template.  The current JE Template allows only one entry to the revenue account.


DR AR-Customer (automatic generated)

CR Revenue (from Journal Entry Template)

The Billing Codes already preset with the designated account for booking purpose.  All we need to do is to change the program and ask the computer to look for that Billing Code account first.  If there is already an account existed, the computer will pick that one up.  If not, then use the default revenue account.


DR AR-Customer (automatic generated)

CR Revenue (based on billing code)

By doing so, different sets of revenues will be allocated to the proper chart of accounts.  That will save a lot of time in doing the journal entry adjustment in the future.   Thanks to Lawrence Cheung’s accurate observation!

Programs affected:  1.  Journal Entry Template (AR);   2.  Billing Code selection;  3.  Misc. Charges;  4.  Invoice Register.