Miscellaneous Changes

Thank you for the suggestions from Andrew of Sun Hing Group.  We are working on the following items:

Dear Andrew,

1. Confirmation status will be shown on pro forma invoice

2. Add Discount field on Billing schedule
A new Discount field will be added next to Billing Schedule.
We will install a special COPY button on Billing Schedule to copy the description and amount to the next one in order to save time.
An independent Pick Up List to be installed for copying from previous billing description.

3. Add Discount field on Misc. Charge
A new Discount field will be added next to the Misc. Charge item.

4. Using post-it function for the attachment on Job assignment confirmation
An independent pop up screen for Post-it function.

5. Settlement receipt and Receipt report

6. Account Analysis Code for invoicing and settlement (NEW Amendment)

7. Outstanding statement report with reminder alert
8. Proforma invoice recap the outstanding amount on previous invoice (NEW Amendment)

9. Add a schedule billing date on the invoice (NEW Amendment)

10. Print Voucher on JE (NEW Amendment)

11. Misc. Charges – Daily Reports

12. Fix the Printing receipt No

13. Balance Sheet & Income Statement don’t show zero amount (NEW Amendment)

14. Aging Report – Invoice Register Add option for print outstanding only (NEW Amendment)

15. Petty Cash system (NEW Amendment)

16. Contract Description – Job Description display on invoice Main page & copy to invoice head description (NEW Amendment)

17. Invoice & Receipt add company address (NEW Amendment)

18. Contract Description – Job Description display on invoice (NEW Amendment)

19. Print statement add to main menu

20. Report for the Contract information

21. Cancel status on Deposit, Settlement and JE – This will be readied by the end of July.

Thanks & Regards,

Ho Tan Ki
Technical Support Specialist