Summary of the MPS Pre-launch seminar

Summary of the MPS Pre-launch seminar held on September 21, 2015.  We have divided the seminar into two parts.  The first part is the information session regarding how to use MPS platform to market, operate and managing the payroll and HR services to clients.  The second part is the actual presentation of how the MPS Specialist using the platform to create and manage payroll and HR services and the client’s access to the system using Open Sapien mobile system.  There were a lot of responses and suggestions to the MPS system.  Please let me present some of the suggestions that we will implement immediately.

Candidate management – Dr. Teresa Chu of Victor Chu Solicitors proposed that we can add the candidate management function to the MPS so that files can be stored for future reference as well as for timed destruction in accordance to the laws.  We will include that function along side with the regular personnel record.

Employee appraisal – Mr. Ken Wu of Newhaven (Hong Kong) Limited has proposed the addition of an appraisal system.  The MPS already has the attendance and leaves ranking system.  All staff can view the daily or monthly ranking of attendance by use of their Open Sapien mobile system.  We can add the numerical ranking by supervisors in the MPS.  However, this is a subjective approach rather than the objective one to let the system to do the evaluation in profitability and efficiency based on the inherit data.

Security – Again, Mr. Ken Wu of Newhaven (Hong Kong) Limited has proposed to use the second password for service provider as well as the IP address restricted access to the MPS system.  The present MPS system already has the IP address restriction.  That means people can only access the MPS within the designated area.  We will include the second password for added comfort.

Multiple MPF accounts – Linda Mok of Hong Kong Manager has proposed the handling of the multiple MPF accounts.  At present, the MPF account is on client level.  Only one MPF account per client.  We will change the MPF account from company level to employee level.  Good point!

Fee – Josephine Yau of McCabe International Limited asked about the fee structure.  It is very simple.  There will not be any charge to the First 100 MPS Service Providers as long as the number of client’s employee on MPS platform is equal or over the number of employees at the service provider.  The cost to your client is HK$ 20 per active employee per month.  A minimum of six months notification of any fee increase.  There is no setup fee and no initial training fee.

Roster and Shift – A restaurant chain’s representative asked whether the system is adequate to handle their complicated shift structure and whether we will charge for any additional fee for alternation of the system to fit their needs.  First of all, the present shift system is very strong and it is capable to be adopted in a restaurant setting.  If not, we will modify it with no cost to users.

We are so lucky to have such a quality group of people with very intelligent suggestions.  In fact, we are already receiving many interest to be the First 100 MPS Service Providers.  We will conduct another Pre-launch seminar very soon for those who cannot get in to the first seminar.  We will notify you shortly once we know the booking detail.  Again, thank you so much for your interest in MPS.


Harry Tsui