Report on User Group Discussion on Mobile APP

As promised, we are presenting the practical ideas presented from user group discussion or from user suggestions:

“MAKE IT SIMPLE”, that is the voice we heard from our users.

when you log in to the mobile app, the system will search through the system and present the information you need to know.  

Personalized information presentation on mobile app’s main screen:

1.      Most important deadlines for job, correspondence and annual return.

2.      Your upcoming meeting with client, together with relevant information on job progress status.

3.      Pending post-it messages from the system, employees or clients.

4.      Jobs that are over budget, past deadline or need urgent attention.

5.      Today’s time sheet entries.

6.      Your present vacation time available.

7.      Absence request and approval status.

8.      Pending invoices that need to be reviewed and approved

9.      New job task assigned with budget and deadline to complete.

10.  Settlement on invoices that are under your control.

11.  Newly added clients with welcoming note.

12.  Prospective client’s change of sales steps.

13.  List of absence.

14.  Attendance detail for today.

15.  Change of director of your client.

16.  Any change to your own personnel record.


Security setting based on levels and department

1.      Three basic levels:  staff, manager and partner

2.      User defined restriction on each piece of information


We are working toward the above goals.  There may be some difference in presentation between Android and iOS apps but the contents will remain the same.  The user group attendees will get to test the beta version once it is available.  So far, we are quite happy with the progress.  Our experience with the mobile app tell us that using the mobile app to access the system is the future.  If you are a windows phone user, please let us know.  Our goal is to make it so user friendly that no user manual or instruction needed to use the system.  Once we pass through the beta version testing, we will report to you the final version for installation.  Thank you!


Harry Tsui, Director



Discussion Group Agenda:

User Group Discussion on most-wanted features on mobile phone


Customer Relation Management

What kind of information we want to see?

Group or related companies’ information?

Contact information?

Past historical contacts?


Job Assignment Management

What do you want to see in job information?

Deadline management?

Participants involved and detailed activities?

Work-in-progress calculation?

How to calculate productivity of a job?


Timesheet Entry and Expenses

How detail should it be in mobile phone entry of time?

Weekly or daily submission of timesheet for approval?

Approval by item or the whole submitted report?


Financial information

How to calculate the profitability of each client?

What kind of information you need in invoicing?

How to better present the accounts receivable in mobile phone?

Shall we project the cash flow?


HRMS Issues

Submission of leave request and approval?

One touch on availability of leaves?

Should the person able to see the leave situation on the intended date before submission?

Is payroll information useful on mobile phone?

Should the person be able to view his or her own personnel record on mobile phone?



Who can initiate company-wide communication?

Does the company allow staff to staff communication?

Should all communication involving a client be recorded on client’s folder?

Should we allow communication with your clients using the mobile platform?

Should we allow communication among your friends on the same platform?


Executive Information Summaries

What the figures show on the top?


Any Other Suggestions