We would like to say thank you to the wonderful people who had volunteered their time and effort in suggesting better ways to use the practice management system.

Teresa Chow of Hong Kong Manager

List all credit notes next to the original invoice

• When Teresa was using the Invoice Register, she found it annoying to trace any credit amount from the Credit Note Register.
• She proposed that if there is a way to combine the two, that is the system would automatically show any available credit amount available to offset the original invoice amount.
• We have added a simple to use Print Option “Print all with credit note”.
• Now, she doesn’t need to cross check two reports. That saves her a lot of time.

Add date range, all customer and summary to the Trust Transaction Report

• We have a rather simple Trust Transaction Report from the beginning. When Teresa was using it, she found the standard report to be inadequate.
• She proposed to add the Date Range, Print all Customer, and add the Summary option to the original report.

Justin Lau of Lau & Lau CPA

Add Description of the opposite side to the General Ledger

• Basically, general ledger listing is very basic and straight forward. However, when Justin wants to know the full picture of the journal, that means whatever contains on the debit and credit sides, there is an inherent handicap because the transaction description only apply to either the debit or credit side, not both.
• Justin was thinking what if she can see both sides of descriptions on one journal, wouldn’t it be more understanding of the true nature of transaction.
• Because of her insistence to perfection, we had finally change the standard Journal format by including the other side of description.

Organic and growing system

These are some of the most recent changes to CPAnywhere and we thank you for Teresa, Justin and other users who have taken the time and effort to identify the possibility and ask us to change. They don’t just accept what is given to them as Truth. They know that users are the final judges to the system’s usability, friendliness and level of support. We are fortunate to have so many creative users who show us a better way to build the system. We salute to their contributions!

With all the best wishes,