We are going to make the change to the Invoice Registry Report for more information to users.

  1. We have added a separate row called Customer Advance. When a customer sends in a payment which is more than the invoice amount, user can first click the Customer Advance box for the excess amount, then press “Auto” to generate the correct journal entry. By doing so, the system would automatically generate an Advance account for the customer. The chart of accounts structure is AD-Customer Number. AD means Advance and Deposit from Customer.
  2. We have expanded the annotation to indicate whether the status of an invoice. The basic status tells an invoice Settled (S), Outstanding (O) or,Cancelled. However, we have added the seasons as Fully Paid (FP), Advance and Deposit (AD), Credit Note issued (CN), Write-Off (WO) and Partial Paid (P). For a fully paid invoice with payment, the annotation will be S+FP. For a fully paid invoice with excess payment, the annotation will be S+FP+AD. For a settled invoice with some payment and write-off, the annotation will be S+P+WO. The purpose is to provide more information to readers of the Invoice Registry.