A Reply to a Request from a law firm that may be of interest to reader of this website

Dear Sir / Madam

We are a solicitor firm in HK. We are looking for a software tool to manage our case files. Basically, the tool keeps electronic copies of documents in the database. There should be categorizations of documents into Correspondence, Documents, Research and Pleadings. Our staff will be able to rely on the system to search and fetch the relevant documents efficiently.
It appears that MBAnywhere maybe suitable for us. We have 7-9 users. Can you give us a quote of the product? Do you have a demo for the software?

Our Reply:

Thank you for your interest in the MBA system. The present document management system can organize the electronic documents into correspondence, case file, fixed-term contract, or just to the client file itself. Users do have the option to choose whether to put that document inside the internet server database or just to record the linkage to the actual file location. We use tag, client, case file to search for that particular file that you are looking for. The beauty of it is that it is easy to use and accessible anywhere, even on a mobile phone. We have added an important security measure of a security password to PDF file which is needed when opening the file.

Document management and the related record storage management are just some of the collateral function of the MBAnywhere system. You can explore the need to do the case file management, billing, credit note, settlement, client advances and disbursement and other functions in the future. The cost is based on rental fee. The monthly rent is at $1,000 per month for up to 20 users plus the initial setup fee of $12,000. There are no other hidden fee involved.

If you have any question please feel free to call us for an demonstration of the system.

With best regards!
Harry Tsui
P & L Associates