What is MBAnywhere?

Today, I received an enquiry as about the MBAnywhere system. The question is whether the MBA system is to be considered an ERP system. If from the viewpoint of defining the original meaning of ERP as the optimization of the enterprise’s resources as the planning tool, then MBAnywhere is definitely an ERP system. However, there are many systems that are also called ERP system whereas the core value is placed on the general ledger. So, you will see many enlarged manufacturing accounting system to be called ERP system. The R as for resources are targeting the material, labour and inventory. In MBAnywhere, the R part is for human resources, The caller has proposed the term PLATFORM as versus as SYSTEM to distinguish the difference between the present ERP system as to the MBAnywhere system. So, what we are doing is to provide a PLATFORM for enterprises to group their resources (employee, clients, communications, documents, HR, accounting etc.) together on a single platform so that they can “talk” or “relate” to each other. Here, we thank you for the caller’s clear analysis and naming the true nature of our service. May be we should change the subtitle from ERP for Professional to a Cloud Platform for Enterprises. I hope that may be a easier to understood term for a forward-looking system than a old paradigm.