Customer relation management issues

We have a meeting with the Marketing Manager Mr. Guido Phillips today in going over the various customer relation management issues. He made a lot of proposals in further enhance the MBA system. His proposals are:

  1. Adding an independent Contact Management for different types of source like press and media list or other professional firms list.
  2. Adding an Industry pick list.
  3. Adding the Reminder under the Prospective Customer page so that the system can send out the reminder message via Post-it, Email or SMS to intended recipients for follow up.
  4. Adding the Entity pick list for Individual, Corporation or Partnership to Prospective and Client files.
  5. Adding an Intermediary Entity for Introducer or Referral identification. Here, we will add the option for referral fee and percentage.

For other users, we welcome for any suggestion that can make the system a lot better to use.