Thank you for coming to the last seminar on Dossier Control Sheet

Dear Sir or Madame:

Thank you for coming to the last seminar on Dossier Control Sheet.  At the seminar, we asked the following question:

“Please name the most important report you always want in your practice?”.

Ms. Suzanne Liu of S. Liu & Co., CPA had named the Weekly Job Status Report.  Miss Dylus Wong of Fernhill said that she would definitely want a “Billable items report” that can list all items that need to be billed but not yet billed.  CPAnywhere already has the pro form invoicing function to list the items that need to be billed and the Executive widget to display the amount but we do not have that billable report.  That prompted us to develop this special report soon after coming back from the seminar.  We are happy to report to you that the Billable Items Report is now completed and we will present it in the upcoming seminar.


Enclosed please find the following sample reports in Excel format generated by CPAnywhere:


l   Work in progress report

l   Profitability report

l   Dossier control sheet

l   Assignment Activity Record


We have selected these reports because they are the most popular ones for practice management purpose.

We would like to invite you and your partners to come to the seminar on January 27, 2015 (Tuesday) to study the various management reports for lawyers, CPA and company secretaries to use.

At the seminar, we will discuss each report in detail with live data input in CPAnywhere to see the intended and unintended results.  Since you have those reports on hand, you can open those report and compare them with the ones that you are currently using.  You are welcome to give us comment at the seminar on how to improve those reports.

It is our intention to present the practical use of CPAnywhere on operational level.  We hope the people who come to our seminar will be benefited from our specific problem solving approach rather than just another marketing pitch.  If you are in charge of your professional practice you surely would like to know what is going on.  We hope the management reports that we are presenting here can  help.


Harry Tsui CPA




Study of the various management reports for CPA, Lawyer and Company Secretaries


27 January 2015 (Tuesday)


11:00 a.m. to 13:00 pm. (2 hours)


Room 408-409, Fortress Tower, 250 Kings Road, North Point, Hong Kong
(Next to Fortress Hill Station, B Exit)




Reserve a seat(s)


Partner and Manager of CPA firm, Professional Service firm and Law firm




Aki Ho, System Consultant; Harry Tsui, CPA

We are planning for future seminars on the powerful HR features of CPAnywhere. Some suggested we should talk more about the payroll functions.  Other would like to see the leave management functions.  If you have any suggestion, please let us know.