Keeping Track of all Letters from/to the IRD/CR

In our last seminar on “Keeping Track of all Letters from/to the IRD/CR”, Ms. Jess Cheng and Mr. Vince Chiu of Cheng & Cheng CPA have gracefully shared their experiences with the attendees.  Here, we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for their wonderful participation in this unique user experience sharing session.

We would like to invite you to our coming seminar “Job Assignment Control Sheet”.  This feature was introduced by Mr. Eric Mayer, Solicitor of Thomas, Mayer & Associates, a French law firm with offices in Hong Kong and Paris.  This report is their main tool to monitor all the money matters about a job assignment.  User can just have a quick but comprehensive look of a job’s status in a second to know what is going on.  This report is great for partners and managers who devote most of their time on client development but would like to know what is going on about all the on-going jobs.

The beauty of this report is to capture almost everything about a job so that partners and managers can just look at one report and know it all.  The information presented here are all automatically captured from the system and updated instantly whenever the data changes.  It is good for time billing as for lawyers as well as for fixed billing as for CPA and Company Secretary.

The information captured here include:

  • Fee
  • Advance and deposit
  • Disbursement
  • Misc. charges
  • Issued invoices
  • Billable amount
  • Pending and unbillable amounts
  • Trust deposit and withdrawal
  • Time charged and spent

Enclosed please find the two sample reports, one for fixed fee and the other for time charge, for your information.  Even if you are not using CPAnywhere, you will get a lot of insight into the “new” way of doing things.  In the French version of CPAnywhere we called this report “Dossier Control Sheet”.  That really sound French to our ears!  Thank you Eric for your wonderful contribution.

As usual, we will prepare the CPE record for those who needs it.  Please be sure to give us the full name and company when doing the registration.  The space is limited because we want to keep a cozy and comfortable environment for participants for question and answer.  In our last seminar, the seats were full within a few hours.  So please do call Mr. Aki Ho at 2521-3110 as soon as possible if you are interested in this great tool from Paris.


Harry Tsui CPA